Built prior to 1875 and restored in 2004, the Laingdon Hotel is one of the few original hotels in Ocean Grove. The landmark restoration was accomplished while meticulously maintaining the Laingdon's 19th century character. The historic hotel lobby, walnut staircase, and hand-plastered corridors where gas lanterns once provided the only lighting were restored. As you walk the halls you will discover the original transom doors and wide oak wood flooring dating back to the 1800's. On the exterior the original clapboard, wood trim and window scrollwork was restored and handsomely painted in period colors.

The Laingdon feels like you are visiting a hotel in the Victorian era while enjoying today's modern conveniences. When you walk through the historic town you will see one of the largest collections of Victorian homes in the United States. Three blocks away is the Great Auditorium, an all-wood, open-air structure built in 1894 that seats over 5,000 people. The Great Auditorium offers summer Sunday Mass, Saturday night music and shows, Choir Fest and the beautiful sounds of the Hope-Jones Organ dating back to 1908.

At the end of the evening retire to your terrace to watch the ocean waves break against the beach and listen to the calming sound of the surf. Reminisce about the past, relax in the present and plan for a healthy and prosperous future.